Deborah Lee James- New Air Force Secretary

Custom US Air force challenge coins

Custom US Air force challenge coins

President Obama sent positive signals, disregarding any gender bias by nominating Deborah Lee James as Air Force secretary, who was formerly assistant defense secretary and house staffer. She will be replacing Michael Donley, who retired in June. She will be one of very few women who will serve as head of a defense organization. While military is dealing with sexual assault and other challenges her nomination will ease the situation a bit and support woman folk in the organization. Obama is very confident of his decision and looking forward to work with James to build a powerful Air force in the world. This can be the golden period of U.S.A wherein so many women are holding important position and are at the same time very much deserving. James, for achieving this fleet can be presented with Air Force Challenge coins as a token of respect for getting the position. It will encourage her and motivate her to fulfill the duties. Obama supported her nomination by bringing out her strong record of public service and leadership in private sector. Indeed he is right; she has vast experience in department of defense having the distinction of being outstanding leader and supporting the defense men and women.



She would be the second woman to serve the position after Sheila widnall since 1947. She was associated with nonprofit organization which looks after homeland security program as a business executive. Also she was member of House Armed Services Committee, for almost 10 years.  White house was quick to choose the successor for Michael Donely, which was very encouraging for her. There are also other high priority seats which are empty and affecting Air Force’s budget, readiness and strategy. Thus, the need of the hour is to have a leader who can immediately improve the condition and make things right. Thus, Deborah Lee James is the perfect choice. Looking at her fleet of achievement, she should be honored with Air Force Challenge coinand this will make the occasion more special because now she will be a part of it and working closely with Air Force. Since, Air Force is dealing with many acquisition of sexual assaults, having a lady secretary will make things much fairer. Also, we must not forget the outgoing officer Michael Donley and his contribution and must be given Air Force Challenge Coins as a token of respect and appreciation for the service.

Women empowerment is a big issue and making such nomination will encourage more deserving women to come forward and serve the nation. This will improve the overall condition of women, thus making nation run towards progress in a true sense. Let’s hope in coming times we get to see many such women holding important position and setting example to others.

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